Crap load of vloggs I'm should have loaded awhile ago.

Crap load of vloggs I'm should have loaded awhile ago.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Wan't my Hip-Hop Back and While We're At It...

The Birthers want their country back...fine and while we're at can we ask the same people who have some how managed to abscond an entire country if their the same people who took my Hip-Hop, my junk food, and the flash card with all my pictures from Europe on it (can't find that sucker anywhere). Is this massive malicious menagerie of masked nefarious near-do-wells responsible for Transformers 2 because if they are I want my movie ticket and the two hours I spent in the movie theater back and throw in that lame Wolverine movie too.

Lets' start with the Hip-Hop. You know I thought about blogging about this one for awhile but I was wrestling the the notion that maybe I was romanticizing the past. You know what I mean. Was I doing to rap in the 1990's what some white guys are still doing to America in the 1950's; remembering only the positive moments of a by gone era while glossing over negative ones. After all Hip-Hop in the 90's did have its ups and downs (Horror rap, Dj Scorpio, Vanilla Ice, ) but the Hip-Hop (I use that term loosely) that I hear on the radio sounds like only worst parts of rap and by that I mean the lowest common denominator as far as creativity is concerned has become the norm while more exceptional rap has become well...the exception. I swear to you it wasn't like that when I was in High school when you had rap music coming from almost every corner of the country. That includes the south by the way.

No I'm not in the anti Snap rap brigade (sorry Ghostface) though I have to admit I've been tempted to join. I heard enough of that brand working at my old in the after school program where we allowed the kids play their music. Some of was good but a lot of it with that "Ball with my white T" kind of rap style was grading on my ears. It was so formulaic and simplistic and I couldn't get down with it. I didn't want to admit it but Hip-Hop I knew was going the way of the Arsenio Hall Show; a one decade-only-bright-shining moment of brilliance (some not), creativity (some not), and most importantly rebellious (again some not). What happened? Where are the Public Enemies, EPMD's, the KRS-1's, the Special ED's. What about the Eric B's and Rakim's, Kool-G-Raps's, who's being inspired by them. Where are the NWA's (under a different name perhaps) MC 8's the West Side Connection's, who will pick up the mantle for them. I'm not looking for copy cats but heirs to the throne, descendants who have a similar sound. The Fugees, Jeru the Damaga (pronounced dah-meh-jah), the Heavy D's and the Kid n Play's where have they all gone?

As for the junk food. Is it me or have the powers that be; the same people who took the Birthers' America and my Hip-Hop taken the taste out my junk food too. The MSG, High Fructose Con syrup, the Trans Fats. All the shit that made the food what is was which is why we ate so much of it is gone. Only candy bars and Soda have yet to surrender their decadent die hard stance on being healthier kitty whipped versions of themselves. Just the other day I was eating Honey Nut Cheerios and even the sweet tasting cereal that served as a substitute has gone all whole grain. It doesn't' taste the same any more. Look I know we're trying to change but it wasn't just the food. It was our complete lack of discipline that was doing us in (still is). Our avarice for excess lead us to re-engineering our food so we could still consume it in the same mass quantities (We come from France; for those over 30) as we spend more time playing video games and surfing the web. Now my junk food has lost all its kick and the frontal lobe of my brain where the pleasure zone is (and every one else) no longer reacts the same way. I mean this...If the same shadow society that has stolen this country, my Hip-Hop, and my junk food comes anywhere near Krispy Kreme I'm moving to Canad with Stephen Baldwin.

As for my flash card well my bedroom needs some tidying up and that's usually when I find things I'm looking for so...its here somewhere.

Couple of things. I know there is good rap music out there now, Young Jeezy, Kanye West, Tanya Morgan, Marco Polo Torrae, Lupe Fiasco just to name a few.

Hey Rip don't take it personally.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Heck No to Octo

Not that anyone has asked me but no I'm not watching the Octo-Mom because I feel like I would be contributing to the celebration of freakish excess for the sake of crass commercialism not to mention that I can't but feel like we're giving a free pass to a single mom with a large number of children and if she was a few shades darker and looked more like Monique instead of Angelina Jolie she wouldn't be receiving the entertainment media attention but instead the news media ostrichization while being used by opportunistic politicians who would set her up as example of what's wrong with America by feeding into racial stereotypes about black women while denying to the rest of us that it has anything to do with race.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chicken Little and the FOX

You've seen this person… the follower they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They come from many ethnic backgrounds and nationalities. On every issue we face in modern society there are people either pro or con every issue which is fine by me. We need people to argue both sides because that’s how we make better decisions for everyone involved.

There is however on every side of every argument people who cheer or cry out against one side or the other who don’t fully understand what it is they’re arguing for or against. These people are like Chicken Little.

Chicken Little

For those of you who don’t remember Chicken Little it was story about a fox who knows there is a bunch of gullible chickens and turkey’s in yard locked behind a really high fence. The lock is on the inside and fox can’t get in. One day Chicken Little takes walk out side the safe confines of the yard and gets hit by an acorn. He believes the sky is falling and tells all the other not so smart farm fowl a plot for a movie staring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. The fox who wants to eat the birds over hears him and begins to hatch a plan. Since neither Chicken little or the other birds have ever done much traveling outside the yard or reading up on woodland predators and they don’t’ know what a fox is otherwise they would have never trusted him and got ADT for that fence. The fox smooth talks the gullible yard birds into believing that the sky really is falling and they are all doomed but never fear he has a cave that they can all take cover in. Chicken Little halls but back to the yard and tells everyone that the sky is falling and we’re not safe here and just at that moment an apple falls from a near by tree causing the dim witted birds to panic and they make straight for the fox’s totally non suspicious sanctuary that’s far away from the yard where no one can hear them…what could possibly go wrong? Well everything, the yard birds find themselves in dark dank cave (a domain of evil it is) waiting for an Armageddon that never happens only to be easy pickens for a fox ravaged with hunger. They all get devoured by the sly fox and the moral of the story is THINK FOR YOUR DAMN SELF OR QUESTION YOUR SOURCE OR QUESTION AUTHORITY OR FOR GOD SAKE GET THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL!

The point I’m arriving to is this when I see SOME of the people attending these town hall meetings with their poster of President Obama with the Hitler mustache and cries of Nazism and the fall of Democracy Chicken Little seems less like a quirky fable more like a dark foreboding warning about the dangers of Group Thinking.

What is Group Thinking you asked?

Groups Thinking is Sociology Term used to describe how normally smart rational adults can be swayed into thinking and agreeing with something that’s wrong. Basically its adult peer pressure. Remember the Challenger Space Shuttle accident that took the live of all the astronauts including the school teacher who was making history for the first time being a civilian's first flight. I was in the fifth grade when that tragedy happened and years later I found as many did that there was at least one space shuttle engineer who alerted NASA to the danger of the faulty O-Rings but was brow beaten into co-signing on green lighting the launch even though he knew something might go wrong. He followed along for the sake of not being cast out by his peers and…well we know how the rest of the story went.

That’s right even the smartest, most logical people in our society( rocket scientist fry crying out loud ) can fall victim to the follower mentality so we should not be surprised to see this...

Look on the surface she seems like a very nice young lady who's just concerned about the health and welfare of her family including her parents. However somewhere along the line her rational concerns were turned into irrational fear with a lot of help from the FOX that does the news. Notice she admits to not really being into politics She has never been concerned about heavy political issues. Not the first election where the president who won wasn't the one we elected, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, or the second election where we could have changed our political course but chose to keep things the same. Not after having our troops fight in two wars that seem to have no end did she finally decide to show an interest in politics. None of those things drew her attention but then President Obama proposed a public health care option. Suddenly out of nowhere this young lady is gravely concerned about the end of American life as she knows it. She is the Chicken Little to the FOX that is indeed a fox. A sly peddler of misinformation drumming up fears of a falling sky for sinister reasons that won't be fully revealed until it's too late.

She and all of these other followers of Glen Beck's very absurd paranoid delusions of Socialized medicine leading to the rise of a Socialists Society under total government control are followers playing the role of Chicken Little and the gullible yard birds who haven't obtained enough information on their own. Even as the President takes his message to the people and debunks the down right lies of former Governor Sarah Palin some of those people still don't believe him and I'm not going to wast time trying to use logic to sway believers because I already know it's a waste of time and I hope the President knows that too. There will always be followers and not just the kind on Twitter but the kind who will jump on to some bullshit with out any hesitation; without reading or thinking for themselves. They just hear the phrase "Socialized Medicine" and visions of Darth Vader running the White House with Storm Troopers marching on every street chill them to the bone.

Okay people I spent a month in Canada with their evil Socialized Medicine and I have to say...they seemed pretty damn happy. There were was no oppression, no Storm Troopers, no one looked sad or down trodden. The Canadians were going about their lives just like all the other countries where the people have Socialized Health Care. I spent some time in Europe just last year though not as long and the people there seemed just like the people living in Canada. I love living in America I love Capitalism (I loves money) but I think some kind of socialized medicine hybrid would benefit this country for a lot of reason the President Obama stated.

There is another thing the followers have been doing that I feel needs to be addressed. To the person who created this poster and the people who are using it in their protest there something I would like to point out.

The graphic in the picture is made to make Obama look like the Joker with the same kind of clown make up worn by the late great Heath Ledger in the 'The Dark Night' with the word Socialism in big block letters under the picture. There is one problem with this though the Joker is an Anarchist which is the exact opposite of a Socialist. A Socialist wants the government to control things where an Anarchist wants no government control of any kind. The Joker says to Harvey in the hospital "Introduce a little Anarchy upset the established order and everything becomes chaos, I'm an agent of chaos", so what exactly was the person who created this graphic trying to say? They probably don't know because they didn't really think about it and they don't have a dictionary. The rest of you who are posting this picture on walls and using it as a picket sign don't know because your following behind the fool who created the poster just like Chicken Little and the other gullible yard birds following behind the FOX leading them to that cave to be eaten.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gun Talk

When I said things were getting dicey I was only speaking about my blogs touching on heavier subjects but I didn't anicipate that things like this would occur but I guess I should have seen it coming.

For starters good for Chris Matthews for getting after him abou bringing a gun to Health Care debate. This shit is getting a little out of hand and I can't but wonder is this was Bush and there was somebody in the crowd with gun would security have allowed him to stick around.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Not A Good Idea; Elderly Women and Concrete

Look I'm not going to get into race with this one(relax) and I'm fully aware this Elderly woman has knife and she should have dropped it when ordered to by the police officer but wasn't there a better away to disarm her like TASING(see my other not so good idea below this one)I mean it's not like she's Tyler Perry in Drag! By the way I tried really hard to ignore the person who's cell phone is captured this and I suggest you do the same but I'm glad he was there to capture it though.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday President Obama

The people who think the President wasn't born in the Uniteds States are idiots.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not A Good Idea; Tasing a pregnant woman

Maybe it's Racism--maybe it's ego--maybe it's Racism and ego.